Jeet Kune Do in Queens NY | Progressive Martial Arts


Progressive Martial Arts’ Jeet Kune Do program is geared for street-oriented self-defense. It is founded upon the art and philosophy as developed by the late Bruce Lee and passed on to Sifu Dan Inosanto. Our program stresses no-nonsense training in all four ranges of fighting: kicking, punching, in-fighting (trapping), and grappling/ground-fighting. Jeet Kune Do is training and discipline toward the ultimate reality in self-defense, the ultimate reality in simplicity.

Jeet Kune Do is the philosophy and concepts developed by Bruce Lee designed to help you discover your own personal self-expression. Jun Fan Gung Fu is the vehicle that allows you to discover your own Jeet Kune Do. Jun Fan is Bruce Lee’s Chinese given name. The methods and curriculum include  Jun Fan Kickboxing, Western Boxing, Jun Fan Wing Chun, and Jun Fan Grappling and Locking.

To become a well-rounded individual in mixed martial arts concepts, this program is highly recommended. By training in our Jeet Kune Do program, the philosophy will naturally evolve students into furthering their research into the other arts we offer at the school, making them more complete. It is the thread that ties all PMA programs together.

Jeet Kune Do Queens