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Filipino Kali

PMA’s FILIPINO KALI curriculum includes the use of weapons. Through learning these weapons, the training can also translate into a system of explosive and effective empty hand skills. Besides excelling as a realistic self-defense system, the Filipino Martial Arts will help the student develop attributes such as speed, agility, timing, body mechanics, and neuromuscular coordination.




At PMA, we offer Inosanto Kali, as taught to us by Guro Dan Inosanto. This is a system he developed based on his many years of study with over 26 different Filipino masters.

Within Inosanto Kali exist drills, strategies, and techniques that allow the martial artist to become proficient in many areas. Students learn the use of single stick, double sticks, stick and dagger, and edged weapons as well as one of the most complete empty-hand systems in martial arts.



As seen in THE HUNTED®, the Sayoc Kali system is a very unique and dynamic method that develops a high level of skill in the application of edged weapons. It is a family system spanning five generations which is currently propagated by Tuhon Christopher Sayoc, Sr.

Sayoc Kali training includes extensive drills, vital templates, transition exercises, projectile weapons, and the use of whips. This detailed, in-depth system takes training to an extremely high level of reflex and response.



PMA is the official New York Satellite affiliation for Dog Brothers Martial Arts, Inc.

“Dog Brothers Real Contact Stick Fighting” is a vigorous testing ground wherein everything is allowed, including empty hand striking and grappling. Members use the term “Real Contact” to distinguish their tournament from those that use the term “Full Contact”, but the fighters and/or the sticks are padded. The intense adrenal experience attained during fighting contributed to the development of DBMA training concepts.

The group has developed some innovative training methods out of this experience, which teaches weaponry as well as empty hand skills from which Dog Brothers Martial Arts was created.

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