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15 Reasons To Join Us At Progressive Martial Arts

1. We Teach You How To Defend Yourself

Unlike traditional martial arts out there, we teach a no-nonsense, combat ready and modern curriculum. You will learn how to defend yourself in all aspects of combat; Striking, Grappling and Weaponry. The techniques taught here are high percentage and are proven effective in self-defense as well as in competition.

2. Transform Your Body

Whether your goals are to lose weight, gain strength, tone your body or improve your conditioning, our programs will help you achieve total body fitness. Your body will literally transform before your eyes! There is no need for a traditional gym or health club if you take full advantage of our programs.

3. Reduces Stress

It’s a fact that regular exercise is not only healthy – it’s a key element in reducing stress in your life. A problem with plain-old “gym workouts” is that they usually get pretty boring – but not with Martial Arts training – with Martial Arts training, you’re in a positive environment of constant learning (which is another key element in stress reduction). You’re getting taught by our trained instructors to continually get better each and every time you step on our mats… and not only that, you’ll have coaches and teammates helping you along the way. So if you’ve had a stressful day, you can rest assured your stress levels will be reduced the minute you walk into our academy.

4. Increases Self Confidence

Once you start seeing your results from training Martial Arts with us you’ll notice that your self-confidence will have no bounds. Create a more powerful self image. By channeling your energy into something positive, you – and others – will notice something “different” about you. Your self confidence will become “unshakeable!” Increases Self Confidence – Once you start seeing your results from training Martial Arts with us you’ll notice that your self-confidence will have no bounds. Create a more powerful self image. By channeling your energy into something positive, you – and others – will notice something “different” about you. Your self confidence will become “unshakeable!”

5. Doesn’t Get Boring… FACT: Martial Arts Can Be FUN!

Our students are having a ton of fun learning martial arts. Let’s face it. Going to a regular gym can be boring, especially when you’re going through the same old routine day in and day out. Instead of walking from machine to machine like some kind of zombie, you’ll be able to actually learn something that could save your life while at the same time getting in spectacular shape and learning to defend yourself. You’ll be constantly learning and applying techniques that could save your life and you’ll be doing it in an atmosphere that promotes fun and learning.

6. We Stay On The Cutting Edge of the Arts We Teach.

Our instructors are never complacent! We are constantly honing our skills to learn more about the arts and about different teaching methodologies. The staff here chooses to lead by example and stay active in competition as well. We teach from experience. We have the most highly trained and top quality staff and instructors in the area.

7. Our Programs Are Award Winning!

We have received many awards for our programs from some of the largest associations in the industry including MAIA and EFC.

8. Our Programs Literally Transform People’s Lives.

Just take a look at our testimonials section. We’ve taken many members who came to us with not the healthiest of lifestyles prior to their training. Within a short period of time, they are living a positive life and feel better mentally, emotionally and physically! Our school helps you live the lifestyle that you want. It is not simply a “martial arts school”. You’ll have the opportunity to see how we do this when you visit our academy for your free private lesson.

9. We Cater to Everyone!

Whether you want to be the next Ultimate Fighter or just train like one, we have a program for you. 90% of our members come to us as beginners with no intentions of ever competing. No experience is necessary! Our Youth Programs are age-specific to meet your child’s needs physically, mentally and emotionally.

10. Best Friends Are Made at Our Academy

Everyone is treated like extended family here and bonds are formed that last a lifetime. Our friendly environment is comforting and becomes a large part of many of our member’s social lives.

11. Steel Sharpens Steel….

It is a fact that we become who we spend time with quite literally. You’ll be around other determined, motivated, and disciplined individuals with an insatiable appetite for success. That is an environment that breeds more success in both the martial arts and in life.

12. You Will Feel Better Mentally, Emotionally and Physically.

The training is a great escape both physically and mentally. Your brain releases chemicals into the body during your workouts which help to elevate your mood, relieve stress while also allowing you to live in the precious present moment. You will leave our academy feeling relaxed, happy and focused. Now, if that is something you are interested in, don’t procrastinate! Give us a call or send us an e-mail today to set up your free private introductory lesson!

13. The #1 Character Development System Ever Created for the Martial Arts!

For our youth programs, we have the Leading Character Development Specialist consulting us and providing us with a curriculum that will help your Child with the Tools and Life Skills that create Leaders, Champions and Top Performers. Our kids learn how to deal with peer pressure, bullying, and real life challenges and learn how to become Leaders and contributing members of our community.

14. We Treat You Like a VIP Member From Your Very First Visit!

Our idea of great customer service is to honor and respect each and every person that comes through our doors. We strive to meet our students every needs and we pride ourselves in doing so.

15. We Offer a FREE PRIVATE Introductory Lesson

(A $120 value) where you will work one on one with a qualified, certified instructor to discuss your self-defense and fitness goals while helping you determine which program is best for you. There is no obligation to continue. You will learn basic techniques, get an understanding of what your training will consist of, and acquire some of the terminology used in classes while getting comfortable with the friendly and energetic atmosphere.

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